Localbier is a Craft Beer locator created with information given by a number of users or craft beer lovers from a certain region or community. It´s aim is to help the craft beer drinkers from this region or community to find local craft beers easier.

We know that there are many craft brewers around the globe, but the question that many craft beer drinkers ask often is: Where can I find/buy your beer?

Localbier wants to answer that question together with the craft beer scene actors (craft beer drinkers, associations, breweries, bars etc.) of those communites who want to develop a craft beer locator and promoting in the same time the local craft beers.

The big brewing companies use many different marketing strategies and tools to achieve the great presence and positioning they have nowadays all around the world.

If we work together promoting and locating the different local craft beers in each region, we will help to increase the local craft beer consumption, decreasing the necessity to export these beers far away from their production place. This is a more sustainable way to drink and distribute beer.

It is time for local craft brews. Localbier : The Craft Beer Locator.