Localbier is a young project and your collaboration is very important. As we mentioned before, we are focused in Spain, but we are open to work with different craft beer company, association or communities of any region/country to help the craft beer drinkers to find local craft beers easier.

As the Craft Beer scene is increasing everyday, any information that you could share with us about any new craft beer store, or any new craft beer brand that is being sold in a bar, restaurant or shop that you already can find in Localbier it´s essential to keep the information of the locator updated.

We want you to play an active role in this project. For this reason, if you want to work with us to create a craft beer locator for your beer company, association, region or country, just contact us through our e-mail address and together we will find the best way to do it:

Localbier, "The craft beer locator".